What to Expect on the MortgageGuide101 Mailblog

As the writer behind much of Mortgageguide101.com, I've been given an opportunity to write about something that has interested me and been part of my life for years. Like most of you, I've negotiated my own mortgages many times. My advantage has been that I've been a business consultant inside the banking industry. I know some of the 'inside scoop'. I understand the processes and procedures they follow – although I'm still amazed that the processes are no more customer friendly than they were 15 years ago. In fact, some places have implemented more and more unfriendly customer practices, much to my surprise.


As a result, I've moved my mortgage from one place to another. (You always have to keep in mind that you, the good client, are making money for any financial institution, and if they don't treat you right, some other place will!)


Over the same number of years, I've been working towards the goal of financial 'freedom'.  I've followed the ups and downs of interest rates and housing markets. I've shopped and bought houses two times now.


Part of my work in the financial area has been for my clients. I've worked both with technology and business process improvement. Much of my work inside banks was to help them improve their business processes, while keeping the customer in mind. (Some banks listened; some didn't.)


In the end, I also satisfied my own curiosity about the financial industry and how best to make use of it for myself. 


I'm excited about the chance to share other kinds of information and experience about mortgages. I'm also excited to give you another source of news about mortgages. Feel free to bookmark this site to see what else I've been able to find in the news.


I'll be talking about what the analysts say. I'll be talking about the joys of managing my own mortgage. I've studied the tricks of the trade to get mortgage-free faster. I'll be telling you about what works and what doesn't.


Stay tuned.




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