Thinking "Curb Appeal"

We're staying put at the moment. But we're still thinking about what we need to do around the house to increase its value. Why? There's lots we can do now to affect our future curb appeal.

If you've got any kind of green thumb, get those gardens growing now. Plan some perennials. It can reduce the amount of work that your garden is, and will mean that next summer -- when you might just be ready to sell -- you'll have flowers blooming, and your home will look inviting.

After all, folks window shop for homes, just like they window shop for other things in their lives.

If your home looks good from the street, you'll get more for it. Is the lawn healthy? Are your gardens attractive? You don't have to plant flowers either. Rock gardens with colourful bushes and different types of plants are also quite nice. I've seen some local places using even different kinds of wild grasses mixed with other types of lower ground cover and taller bushes. Lower upkeep than flowers and quite attractive too.

Not a green thumb type? Consider planting perennial "wild flowers". My wife has done that in the front garden, and we are getting some spectacular color there now. And, they are much less work than other flowers, because they are hardier and better suited to our area.

Hate a high maintenance lawn? Consider something nicely done with pavement stones and ground cover plants. You might even be able to get rid of that lawn mower! Today's home garden materials are much better than yesterday's ugly concrete blocks, and you can have a "garden" which grows primarily in pots, scattered about on lovely paths and between bushes and tall native grasses.

Not an idea in your head for the outside? You and I are in the same club. You can always hire a local landscaper. Check around for someone with a good reputation, who will listen to your needs for either low or high maintenance, and who knows the local climate and soil. You can get the ideal garden for you, and the best possible view from the curb.


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