An Unexpected Shopping Expedition

I'm so excited... My wife was feeling good this weekend. The heat wave had temporarily broken. We were out and about and saw an open-house sign. And we actually went in!

Great house. Great price! We may just have stumbled upon a bargain on the market!

We've been debating the virtues of this house since last night, and she's actually been animated about it! Now, if we can just decide if this place fits what we need.

This is the tricky part of any house-hunting; we need to figure out what is most important. Do we care that this house backs on railroad tracks? (Maybe not; it's a freight line and the trains do not blow their engines through that stretch. Further, the bedrooms all face the front of the house, and a perfect storage area is at the back, under a sloped roof. It should buffer us from noise, as no windows point that way.) It has lots of room (which is important with a Baby Number 2 on the way.) We'd have a basement "wreck room", and I'd have a much bigger home office. There's both a living room and a den, which means we can make one room "kid friendly" and one room "adult friendly".

Sounds pretty good, yes? But we'd really like one more bedroom. We currently have 3 bedrooms, and with Baby Number 2 coming along, we were really hoping for another bedroom, so that it's easy to put up guests from out of town. My wife's family is within driving distance, but it would be nice if we could put them up so that they didn't have to do all the driving all in one day. We were also hoping for a bigger piece of land around our next house, but this place even has less land than we do now.

Decisions, decisions.

Do we want to make another "intermediary" move, or do we want to move into the home of our dreams next time and stay put? How many moves do we want to make? Do we want to wait and see if housing prices "correct"?

Life is certainly interesting. All this from a casual stroll into an open-house on a sunny holiday Monday afternoon.


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