Martha Stewart and the House of Your Dreams

So, the domestic diva is now in the home-building business. Of course, she's not doing the actual "dirty work", but the homes are of her design. She's cut a deal with a builder to put her name on home designs going up in the north and east of the continental US.

Martha is apparently a business deal waiting to happen. Her own "apprentice" show; her own line of house-hold items; her own line of homes. Miss Martha has certainly exited from infamy to what she does best in grand style. I suppose that's just what you'd have to expect from someone who can color coordinate AND negotiate a interesting new line of business.

The homes are in the $200,000 to $400,000 range. While the price range could put one of these beauties in my hands, what would I do with it? I don't think I could ever live down the reaction of my friends and family. I can hear them now: "When are you going to learn which side of the plate the salad fork goes on? Hmmmm? And how could you forget to coordinate the napkins with the center piece?"

Okay. Maybe I'm picking on Ms Stewart. But here's what I'm thinking: if you want one of these homes, you might want to get them while the getting is good. Given Martha's current second honeymoon with the media, the prices could be going up quickly, and you'll have missed your chance for a good investment.

Then again -- there's that stock that I got a tip on, and I still haven't got my money out of it. I only bought it 10 years ago. But who knows?


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