A Nasty Hurricane Season

It was with horror that we all watched what Hurricanes Katrina and Rita have done to the US gulf coast. Now it seems we have another "monster" hurricane on the way towards a possible US landfall. Wilma is the last named storm for our alphabet, before we start on Greek letters.

Unfortunately, there's not much for any of us to do except watch and wait.

If you are in the projected path, do what you can to get your home ready. Evacuate when authorities ask you to and keep yourself safe. If you don't have enough home insurance for flood, wind or hurricane (often these are separate riders on an existing policy, and can even be completely separate policies), it will be tough to get it now. Just do what you can to get your home as storm proof as you can.

With the last two big storms, we've seen how Americans can rally to help fellow Americans. Our response to emergency has improved even in the short time since Katrina, and the work in New Orleans is showing a lot of progress now. Who would have believed that New Orleans would be returning to life so soon after so devastating a storm? As a nation, the US has resilience, and we'll have to remember that.

Let's keep our fingers crossed.


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