Fertilize Your Lawn For Fall

A nice green lawn adds to "curb appeal" for your home. And one of the best times to get it in great shape is the fall.

The lawn is generally my job in this family. While my wife enjoys hanging out on it, I tend to do the maintenance work. Because the last few summers have been pretty hard on it, this year I decided to make sure I did the right things in the fall to help it be stronger and thicker next summer.

Hate to say it, but it looks already as if my investment is paying off!

Don't know what to do for your lawn in fall? Here are the basics:

1. Watch to see when the growth of your lawn is dropping off. Take note of when you have cut it and then, if you find that you won't need to cut it again before winter...

2. Within a couple weeks of that last cut, get some fertilizer on it. The kind you want has a higher percentage of phosphorus and potassium (the last two numbers) while the nitrogen level should be low (the first number). This is the exact opposite of summer fertilizers that are designed to bring on growth of the green. At this time of year, you are trying to put food into the roots.

3. You may also want to overseed at this time. It can help to fill in those bare or brown patches.

Now, what does this do for you? It means the root system of your grass will grow until winter stops it. The grass plants are still 'growing', but just not above ground. They too are getting ready for winter. They are helped in this task by the phosphorus. The potassium in your fertilizer is helping to provide disease resistance, which means it should be healthy in spring.

So, whether you are in your flower beds planting bulbs for next year, or are just getting that lawn ready: Happy Gardening!


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