Organizing Your Garage

Is your home crammed with stuff? (My wife would like to commiserate.) I'm afraid my dumping ground of choice is the basement. And it's starting to get scary down there.

I just came across a nifty little company which sells garage storage that could be the saving grace which prevents my wife from throwing her yearly tantrum over the state of our basement. It is truly the coolest system for organizing your "stuff" (my wife would call it something that might not be considered proper language for this blog) that I've ever seen.

While the company is a Canadian company, surely someone is doing the same thing in the US?

The site for this company shows results to drool over. The organizing features include overhead storage for bins and boxes. This is perfect, since all you really need in a garage is enough clearance for people to walk and vehicles to pull in. The site also shows cupboards of various heights, which all have a relatively shallow profile. Perfect to leave enough room for the aforementioned cars to pull in! And, there are multiple solutions for storing those things you need quick (and don't want to have to dig out of a cupboard), which are also shallow profile and close to the wall. In fact, the wall treatment approach will also allow you to hang cupboards, and then be able to re-arrange them as needed!

I think I'm in love.

If I could get all the junk out of the basement, and have it neatly stored in our garage, I'd get so many points that I might never have to change a diaper on the next baby. Something worth thinking about.


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