Leaf-Free Gutters

My least favorite thing about getting ready for winter is cleaning those darned leaves out of the gutters.

I've just seen a new system on the market called LeafProof. Now, I've avoided gutter systems in the past because of the cost and the potential that you actually damage your roof in the process. Well, LeafProof doesn't screw into the roof (which I understand has been a significant challenge of other systems). It can handle rainfall at a rate of up to 12 inches per hour. (Short of a hurricane situation, it should hold up well.) It also can be cleaned effectively with a high-pressure nozzle from the ground. In my case, that alone is worth it's weight in gold: my gutters are on the second storey and climbing a ladder up that high is a fairly precarious job. Any system which says it can be effectively maintained from the ground get points from me.

Did you know that clogged gutters are a major cause of water damage to homes every year? And unfortunately, your homeowners' insurance may or may not cover such damage, unless you have the right coverage. Two things to think about here: check your insurance coverage on your home and see if you have the right coverage for water damage AND think about getting a system to keep your gutters clean. After all, insurance is always better if you don't actually need it.

Another benefit of protecting your gutters? No leaves and no birds' nests.

Now, I'm not against birds or cute squirrels, but I'd definitely prefer they stay out of my gutters.


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