Getting Ready for Winter

If you live in a part of the world where you get temperatures below freezing outside, don't forget to shut off and drain your exterior water taps!

Back in the days when I lived in a townhouse complex, every year we'd have someone with severe water damage in the spring. Why? The exterior water taps had not been shut off and drained. Or, perhaps they'd been shut off, but the water in the taps themselves was not drained. As a result, water froze in the pipes going to the taps and the pipes would burst somewhere. When the ice melted in the spring -- well, you can guess the rest.

How do you accomplish this yearly task? First shut off the water to the outside or exterior tap. (You can have them in the garage attached to your home too.) Then, open the tap itself and let it run until all water is gone and the tap has run dry. Shut the tap off. You're done!

This is a great addition to your fall list of tasks to get your home ready for winter. The best time to do it is right after you have "winterized" your lawn, or done your last bit of lawncare for the season. Pack away your lawn mower, and drain those taps!


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