Renovating for Baby

Well, my wife is now in her third trimester, and we're starting to think about how to ready the house for the newest member of the clan. Baby #2 is due in January, and we have to handle all the holiday season inbetween. Therefore, we're getting ready now.

A few strategic renovations will help alot: while we won't likely paint the baby's room pink (ultrasound said it was likely a girl, much to my wife's relief, but it's not for sure), we will be getting some new storage solutions in order to accomodate the amount of stuff that babies come with. And they come with a LOT of stuff, if I remember correctly.

We've already got all the furniture from our son's babyhood, but now we need to set it up. And making room is the biggest thing. This is where some constructive storage is really going to work for us. We had a full-size bedroom for our son, and we still had some problems with fitting everything in. This time, we don't have a full-size room, but an office which will be converted to a baby space. Some good storage solutions should save us a lot of time and hassle, especially at three in the morning when baby has managed to spit up all over her clothes, and my sleep-deprived wife is looking for a new outfit. Otherwise, she might have to come and wake me up...

If you too are staying in your current home instead of trading up, renovations can do a lot for you. Basement renovations can free up space that would otherwise just collect your stuff. (Well, in our case, it collects MY stuff.) Attic renovations can also free up space, and I've seen an interesting attic renovation at a friend's home that turned it into a wonderful family room for the kids and made use of sloping ceilings for well-placed storage all around the room. Winter can be a good time to do renovations, as trades people find themselves without as much work as they have in the summer.


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