Budget for a Home Inspection

Always budget for a home inspection when you are considering buying a home. Budget for it and make sure that your offer on the home is conditional on the inspection being completed (and any issues being resolved) before the deal closes. Why? Because you can avoid a lot of heartache.

In my part of the world, home buying and selling is slowing down. After all, Thanksgiving is upon us and Christmas is around the corner. Given the way that many celebrate New Year's Eve, it probably helps to be living in the same place that you've been living for awhile, so you can find your way home. And besides, the weather is starting to get cold and snowy where I live.

However, in warmer southern places, the habit of buying and selling doesn't take the same pause for inclement winter weather. It can continue -- and it does. So, for those of you who are still buying and selling (and even if you live in the wintry northeast), a home inspection can be your best friend.

You absolutely want to know "what you are getting into" when you buy a home. If there are existing problems, you want to know about them now. And you also want to be sure that any existing problems are either fixed before you get there, or that the price is adjusted accordingly. It's pretty much that simple.

Now, the incidentals when you are buying a home do tend to add up. You might want to scrimp in other areas, but your home inspection is not one of them. In all areas of life, it's buyer beware. Your home is no exception.


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