Home Staging

Thinking about selling your home? There's a new real estate professional that appears to have sprung up around the country: your friendly neighborhood "home stager". The home staging service is designed to help you get the best price for your home, without having to do major renovations.

So what does a staging professional do? For one thing, they help you address clutter. I know that this is something that my wife and I did when we sold our last place. We got rid of all the clutter (it was a LOT) and moved it out to a self-storage place. What a difference it made!

But staging professionals go further than this. They can help with dated decor (and cost-effective solutions), poor lighting, furniture placement (to enhance the look of a room), and generally focus your attention on things that you wouldn't notice and a prospective buyer just might. By taking some time to address these kinds of issues and put your home's "best foot forward", you could look at a much better price for your home. And who wouldn't want to get the best price possible when you are selling your biggest personal asset?

In our case, we'll likely use one the next time we move. Why? Well, because our house will be full of the stuff that comes with two kids, and we'll have become "immune" to it... After all, when we sell, we'll also want to get the best price for our place.


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