The Ideal Christmas Present for Mr or Ms Fixit

So, did one of your friends buy one of these new homes that are selling like hot cakes on the market? If so, perhaps you should consider an appropriate Christmas gift -- one that ensures that your friend can deal with the new challenges that a new home brings.

How about a Fixit Starter-Kit? If your friends don't already have a good, sturdy toolbox and a starter set of tools, you can be the favorite Santa Claus this year!

What qualifies as part of your starter tool kit? Well, the toolbox should be well-constructed and have a removeable tray for 'small' tools and space for larger tools. This allows the new Mr or Ms Fixit to be able to take only the small tools if that is all that is needed, and leave the bigger toolbox safely stored.

If you are buying some tools to populate the toolbox, stick to the basics. Start with a small screwdriver that has changeable heads, or perhaps a small power drill (also with removeable heads). This is a multi-purpose tool that every home should have. Be sure that the drill bits or screwdriver bits are of a universal size, so that new additions can also use them.

Consider a small hacksaw and a medium-sized pipe wrench. This can help if your friend is adventurous and decides to take on a small plumbing job or two.

Of course, the new homeowner is going to hang pictures and maybe even some shelves. The hottest item for this job just happens to be trendy: it's the combination laser level and stud finder. Perfect for every new homeowner.

Don't forget the hammer.

A tape measure is another basic. You can even get them in fancy colours now -- it's not just grey or black anymore. (Helpful if your fixit friend is a Ms Fixit or a fashionable sort.)

A toolbox wouldn't be a toolbox without an assortment of fasteners and nails -- consider some small finishing nails in a neutral colour for hanging pictures, and perhaps some nuts and bolts or screws and washers. These kinds of goodies generally find a useful occupation in any home.

And if you are the new homeowner, why not be your own Santa this year? For an investment of around $150, you can have all the things you need for that next "5 minute job" around the house.


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