The Growth of Clutter

Well, my wife and I are about a month or so away from the arrival of Baby #2. And the clutter has started already.

On top of that, my wife's energy level has dropped considerably (in direct proportion to her waist measurement's increase), and she isn't able to keep up to her normal routine -- which does include making sure that the clutter that my son and I leave behind is somewhat under control.

How I wish I'd got the basement organized long before this! We've got boxes of stuff and piles of things sprouting up all over the place. And it doesn't help that my son's birthday just took place, and he already had more than enough things to fill all the nifty storage that my wife had set up in our family room.

If you too are in the midst of a clutter attack, consider making use of some of the space in your home that is currently "un-used". If you have a basement, get to it! Even just buying shelving for the basement can help you organize. You might even make use of the space under stairs -- have that space opened up and install a good storage system. You might be surprised.

Want someone else to do the work? The other thing that can be helpful is that often contractors have less work in the winter than in the summer -- at least, if you live in the wintry parts of the US. You might just find someone who can get the job done fast, without the scheduling delays that can easily arise in summer when the construction season is in full swing.

It's too late for us, I'm afraid. With Christmas and New Year's around the corner, and the baby's birth in the couple of weeks after that, we'll have to do the best we can to de-clutter by getting rid of things. But it's that or be really overwhelmed once the new little one is here.

Babies come with a lot of stuff!


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