Away For Christmas

Well, like many others, we've planned to be away with friends and family over Christmas. Since we have to do a lot of travel to see everyone we want to see, we usually take a few days off at this time, and try to make the whole experience a bit less rushed.

It's handy that Christmas falls on a weekend this year! A couple of days on each side of the weekend, and we've got a nice break.

So, as of later today, we'll be packing and getting on the road! Our son is excited because it means visiting the two sets of grandparents, a few aunts and uncles, and lots of special attention. Of course, a lot of presents is a real bonus too. And we'll be seeing a lot of people that we don't see as often as we'd like -- life just gets increasingly busy it seems.

If you too are getting ready to celebrate Christmas, do enjoy your time with your friends and family. Take care on our nation's busy roads. And, if like us, you'll be giving up your hobby of watching the prices of resale homes in the paper, just remember: They'll likely still be there when you get back to your "regular" life!

Whatever holy days or holidays that you celebrate, may they remind you of the best things in life -- which are, thankfully enough, still free, and not subject to inflation pressures like interest rates.


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