Retiring South

I'm not going to be retiring anytime soon; after all, my wife and I are currently waiting on Baby #2, and I figure that puts me at least 20 years from retirement, especially if we are going to help our kids go to college. Heaven help us if they decide to do a second degree!

However, an interesting trend caught my eye on one of my favorite news sites: As home sales start to slow in the U.S., some builders are casting a hopeful eye on Mexico, placing bets that a growing population of North American retirees will want to buy mid- and high-end homes there, much as they have in places like Florida and the Southwest.

I must say, I've had my yearnings in that direction! On our last vacation in Mexico, we stumbled into a region where we'd never been before, simply because we decided to take whatever looked the best price for the best resort at the last minute. We ended up in Huatulco, which is an area being developed carefully by Mexico, in order to preserve both environment and make it available to tourists.

Frankly, we love the hot southern weather, and I hate losing all that daylight in the winter, so I started to cruise the Huatulco real estate sites when we got home. To my surprise, we could buy a pretty nice condo style property for pretty reasonable prices! Certainly much cheaper than a cottage closer to home. On top of that, we could sign up with a property management company that would help us to rent out the property when we weren't there, and potentially end up having someone else pay our mortgage!

I was really intrigued. Then we got the news that Baby #2 was coming, and any ideas about buying a vacation property went out the window -- at least for now. But it still seems mighty attractive.

I might have to buy before others catch onto this idea!


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