A Short Hiatus

For the next couple of weeks, before and after Baby (finally) arrives, I'll be watching my wife more than the financial news... So, I thought it was time to take a short vacation.

If you think that the analysts are having a hard time figuring out what is happening in the housing market, you should talk to an OB-Gyn about "due dates" and when your wife will actually have a baby once she is pregnant. They'll give you a date. They'll appear to be quite convinced it is the "right" date. And things will be planned based on that date.

In the work world, timelines can be "firm". In the world of babies, however, you'll find that timelines are only best predictions. In our experience, you'll get as good a date for the stork's arrival from a fortune teller.

Here's a little peek into my life of the past 2 weeks: my wife has had more than 3 rounds of "false labor". (Whoever came up with that name doesn't seem to understand the meaning of "false". Based on what my wife tells me, her "false" labor was an awful lot like "real" labor.) So, three times we've been ready to go, excited that baby was coming, and everything has stopped. Now, I'm finding this stressful -- I can only imagine how stressful my wife is finding this. However, it has convinced me to have a talk with the OB about "due dates" and the obsession with them. Everything in this process has revolved around "due dates", and frankly -- the science is sadly lacking.

I digress.

I'll be back with good news when the littlest member of our household finally decides to officially arrive.


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