Housing Starts the Highest in 33 years

Are you tired of hearing about a housing "bubble"? Seems that market analysts are a bit like babies; babies have only one way to respond when things aren't quite right. Babies cry. Analysts, on the other hand, create catastrophe.

So now I saw on the news that housing starts in January are the highest they've been in 33 years. After all the doom and gloom, it would appear that the fore-shadowed housing bubble refuses to show up.

I'm feeling a bit like the villagers in the story of Peter and the Wolf. How many times can we hear the cry of "Wolf!" and not eventually just tune it out? I suspect many are tuning it out already.

Could the analysts eventually be right? Of course they could. But we'll all be so exhausted by the time it happens, it may not even make a ripple in the news.


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