Bubble or No Bubble?

Ah, I love experts. Here's a quote from the latest news service that I read: "The housing market threw the world another curve on Thursday. After five straight months of declining sales of existing homes, a sixth dreary month was pretty generally expected. Instead the National Association of Realtors announced that February sales of previously-owned homes had jumped 5.2 percent from similar sales in January. This was the largest monthly increase in two years." Fancy that.

It would seem that we still love real estate, and the "bubble" is a lot more solid than any "bubble" I've ever seen.

I suspect more and more that the world market is pushing our real estate market. We'll see if they also continue to drive prices up. For now, it would seem that prices are showing signs of staying stable, rather than the fast increases we've seen.

But we'll have to see. I'm sure the experts will have something to say.


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