Add a Sunroom or Renovate a Basement?

Well, I don't know for sure, but it seems as if the zeal for a new home is dying off around here.

The real issue for us is space, and we've decided we might just be able to create that space by refinishing our basement. So now we're looking at ads for contractors, and designs for fixing up that dungeon under the house. My issue is that it really lacks natural light, and basement renovations don't always pay back at selling time the way you might hope.

Making our home bigger is a great way to add value where we are (so we're ready for the next time we get the buying bug) and help to accommodate our expanded family. However, I've been thinking about other ways of adding space that will provide us with more living area, and the one which really adds a lot of value is a 4 season sunroom.

The 4 season sunroom is all about light. However, we can also attach it to our home, directly off our existing family room, and really make it an inviting and usable space! Depending on how much we want to spend (and these things aren't cheap if you do them right), we might also expand our kitchen eating space. Since we have lots of backyard, we aren't sacrificing anything in order to have a sunroom either.

Now we have to tour a few showrooms, and talk to a few people... It may not be open-house hopping, but it's almost as much fun!


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