To Move or Not To Move

I am still watching the real estate papers around here, hoping for the perfect house to turn up. We need more space; I can see it coming. Number 1 son pretty much seems the "boss" of the available space in the play room, and you just know that once our 7 month old Number 2 daughter gets moving, there will be trouble. Big trouble.

So, I keep looking for our ideal house: 4 bedrooms (so we have a guest room), a finished basement or separate play room, as well as a family room, main floor or upstairs laundry, reasonable size master bedroom, and reasonable size kitchen. Is this too much to ask?

Well, perhaps not -- but it's a challenge in our preferred price range.

I just found the house that I think matches the criteria, and my beloved spouse has said that she's not moving. (Personally, I think she's just fed up with looking, but would be willing to move if we found the right thing.) I'm trying to convince her. After all, we can curently get a good price for our existing home, and we can buy smart into something that won't depreciate with the coming "soft landing" of the housing market... And we can avoid the battle of the titans as our two strong-willed children start to decide who gets control of the playroom.

Frankly, I do think that housing is in a state of balance right now. If we find the right house, well-priced, I think we can ride out any storm that might still be brewing in the real estate market. Also, mortgage rates are dropping -- although marginally, that bodes well for buying now.

Here's hoping that perfect house turns up.


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