The Energy Home Make-over

You may not be ready to hear the word "winter" where you are, but where I am, the nights are already getting colder and it's feeling a lot like fall. The trees are turning color and the birds are congregating to fly south. And if you want to get ready for winter, now's the time.

Here's the main things to think about if you want your home both warmer and more energy efficient this season:

Insulate: it's one of the fastest ways to improve on the cost of heating this year. It will not only help keep your home warmer; it will help keep it cooler in the summer too! Concentrate on walls and the attic.

Clean your ducts: It not only removes dirt, mold, pet hair and other irritants from circulating in your home, it also makes heating more effective.

Roof renovations: A lot of the heat lost from your home is lost through the roof. It not only costs you money in heat, it can also cost you money in repairs for moisture, caused by condensation or leaks. Pick a roof that helps to insulate, while reflecting heat in the summer away from your home.

Dress your windows: Your curtains and window dressings can help to keep your home warmer or cooler. In the summer, your shades can keep heat out; in the winter, they can keep heat in. But don't forget to ensure that each window and door is sealed properly. Caulk around windows and doors to seal up leaks that can cost money in heat and air conditioning. It's an inexpensive and easy fix.


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