Radiant Heat For Your Next Home

Did you know radiant heat was environmentally-friendly? In fact, according to Realty Times (one of my favorite real estate news sources) radiant floor heating is not only environmentally-friendly, but also clean and energy-efficient. It could be the new alternative for those looking for better ways to heat their homes.

What makes radiant heat different? Radiant floor heat is more efficient. You can set your thermostat at 65 to 67 degrees F and be comfortably warm. Why? Radiant heat works by heating objects instead of heating the air -- and that includes people. Radiant heat works like the sun coming through your window, warming objects there, including the family cat! Unlike warm air, that floats to the ceiling of your room and is wasted there, radiant heat warms you where you are, without wasting the heat on the air in the room.

Better yet -- radiant heat means no more cold toes! (I'll be happy not to have my wife's cold feet in bed beside me.) Since the heating system is in the floor, feet are always toasty warm.

Proponents say that radiant heat gives you control of your temperature in your home, with cost effectiveness and choice of system. Radiant heat systems are programmable, just like your current forced air system, but allow for extra control, such as directing heat to tile floors in a bathroom or kitchen. Because you have less wasted heat and lower heating bills, you'll save money. You may even gain value on your property overall. In addition to the choice of systems, you also have the benefits a nicer looking heating solution, with no vents or visible radiators.

Since you can end up with homes with greater value, builders are getting interested in this heating option. They are hoping it will bring back buyers who would otherwise be on the sidelines.


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