YouTube and Going Green

Politicians everywhere are starting to wake up to the power of YouTube. However, most of them don't also provide genuinely good information on how to go green in your home! Canadian Member of Parliament (MP), Olivia Chow, and her fellow MP and husband, Jack Layton, have put together just over 4 1/2 minutes of great information on how you can save money and energy in your home.

This isn't just hypothetical either. The video features Chow walking the viewer through the home she shares with Layton, showing off the various green renovations and changes in their downtown Toronto home.

Olivia Chow YouTube Video

Now this is a smart political couple, making use of YouTube to promote their political fortunes while also helping consumers to understand how much green technology there is to heat and light your home.

They cover a wide spectrum of changes they made in their home, from low cost to high cost. They also don't just focus on electricity and gas. Their low-flow toilet makes an appearance on the video, as part of their effort to go green.

Not Canadian? It doesn't matter! The information in this video showcases technology available across North America and the world. In a worst case scenario, you can order the equipment for your home from a local provider or over the internet. In fact, we've been following the green movement at MortgageGuide101 for some time, and have reported on all kinds of new green technology for homes, including radiant heat. Your options in green technology are quite astonishing.

Sceptical? Don't think it makes that much difference? Well, according to an article in the Toronto Star, Layton estimates their savings at 50 to 60 percent of their total energy bill.

Layton recommends starting small with a programmable thermostat and compact fluorescent lightbulbs. They also put in low flow toilets, because of the cost of water in a big city. He says you should always check for rebate programs to help with costs; these could be offered by your city, municipality, regional or national government.

If you are really feeling encouraged, and need some money to get started on your renovation project, check out a few of our sponsors. They will be happy to talk about home loans to fund your green project.

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