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There were a lot of worthwhile submissions to the latest Problogger writing project. The entire list of participants was an astonishing 893 entries!

From these quality submissions, I've culled out those relating to mortgage, homes and renovating, real estate and financial topics. Most are serious; some are just plain funny. I don't agree with all these folks, but I did think that they had some intriguing perspectives. Peruse and enjoy.

Top 5 Essential Tips To Know Before Hiring A Tax Pro by Investments & Loans

Top Five ways to spot a bad Contractor by Paul Thurst

Top 5 Money Leaks in April by Lyman Reed

The Top Five Steps to Grow Your Net Worth by FMF

Top 5 Ways To Save Money Without Noticing by jim

Top 5 Foreign Bank Stocks by Dividend Money

5 Steps To Improve Your Credit Score by derek

Top 5 Eco-Friendly Flooring Options by Cameron

Top 5 Reasons Personal Fiance Blogs Are Better Than The Media by Canadian Dream

Top 5 Reasons To Save For Retirement Now! by Retire Happy

Top 5 Reasons I Started and Continue A Personal Finance Blog by Sun

The Top 5 Most Half-Baked Ways I've Tried to Earn Money (And What I've Learned) by David

5 Questions You Should Ask Yourself Before Investing in a Biotech Company by Brian Orelli, PhD

Top 5 Wealth Secrets by Chee Kui

Top 5 Things to Do to Make Money Investing Stocks by StockTube

Top 5 Green Companies to Put Your Dollars Behind by Crystal

Top 5 Good Reasons to Sell a Stock by Q

Top 5 Reasons You Should Invest In Commodities by Wolf Stone

Top 5 Financial Tips for Recent Graduates by Elizabeth

Top 5 Hacks for Intelligent Investors by George

The 5 Gremlins Of Market Growth GIC by Financial Jungle Guy

Five Reasons That Credit Cards Rock and Debit Cards Suck by nickel

What Not to File: Top 5 Ways to Get Caught Cheating on Your Taxes by Kelly Erb

Top five ways to kill your retirement dreams by mbhunter

My top 5 financial books nobody else has read by DB

How To Acquire A Wealthy Mindset in 5 Powerful Steps by Ellesse

Top 5 Ways that Real Estate Can Help You Become a Millionaire by Saving for Wealth

Top 5 reasons you should not listen to finance professionals by Nordicmoney

Top 5 property investing tips by Rod Thomas

Mortgage 101: Top Five Signs of Predatory Lending by elle mackenna

Top 5 Ways the Internet Can Save You Money by junger

Top 5 Reasons Why Building is Better than Buying by

Top 5 Mistakes Made By Real Estate Investors During the Housing Bubble by Joshua Dorkin


Posted by Michael on May 12,2007 at 7:50 PM

Thanks, Chee... That's one real advantage of getting involved in these group writing projects: it's a chance to find a lot of other folks who are doing interesting writing, and hook up with them!

Posted by Chee Kui on May 12,2007 at 7:08 PM

Thanks for the mention Michael :) I hope u like it. Interesting blog u got here.

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