Going Green: Selling Your Eco-Friendly Home

Here's something new: I stumbled across a site from the UK that specializes in the rental and sales of exclusively eco-friendly homes! Now this is one way to properly showcase a home that's helping to preserve the earth while providing you a comfortable living space.

The site is international in its focus; so you can actually find properties listed in North America, including a couple of rental units in New Mexico.

I think this is a business who's time has come. Frankly, I'm surprised that we haven't yet seen "green" real estate brokerages specializing in this new niche. It would seem to me that an eco-literate real estate agent would do a much better job of selling the special features of the eco-friendly home, and that would result in better prices and better profile to the prospective buyer. I can only assume that as these kinds of properties become more commonplace, you'll see more real estate agents advertising there expertise in this property.  

It's well worth the time and effort to research available grants and low cost money from your utilities, your state and the federal government. Many of the programs that are actually in existence are poorly publicized (I don't suppose the government would just prefer to keep our money in the governmental pocket, do you?) so don't be surprised to find out that there are many opportunities you didn't expect.

Of course, I'll also expect more folks to take advantage of the additional benefits of an eco-friendly home, like EEMs. In some cases, you may have to educate your lender, but don't despair! If you do some research into EEMs, you may even be referred to a lender who already knows the drill.

When you go to get your mortgage, even though you have a "special" home, don't expect special treatment! Get more than one quote, and compare carefully.

Michael Chantrel 

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