Mortgage Companies

There are lots of mortgage companies out there. We'll feature some of these mortgage companies here simply because many people are interested in these lenders. It will save you some footwork.

We are not endorsing these lenders. We are giving you an easy way to check them out. These are some of these larger, national players in the US lending business. Each of them will have different mortgage options and products.

As with any financial transaction that you are considering, it's important to read the fine print carefully. Do your homework. Your mortgage is likely the biggest debt you will ever have. Every percentage point in interest that you save yourself translates into thousands of dollars over the time it takes you to pay your mortgage off. It's worth spending some time!

The companies listed identify themselves specifically as mortgage companies. But also remember that there are other sources for mortgage financing, including your local credit union, your trusted bank or even small private lenders. Do some research into lenders of other types, too. You may get a great deal.

With that in mind, we'll give you a bit of information about the following mortgage companies and links to their websites. A good place to start is using an online mortgage lender that compares many mortgage companies at once. Some reputable companies are listed in alphabetical order:

When checking any mortgage company it can be helpful to know what kind of experience another person has had. You can go to a rip off report and do a search on a company's name. These sites will give you some information submitted by a person who is complaining about their treatment. While this is obviously not an unbiased source, if a mortgage company has a lot of reports against them you might want to check further.

You can also look up a company with the Better Business Bureau. They are a very reputable organization and their information is likely to have been checked and validated.

As always, rating companies are another good source of information on the mortgage lender's financial stability. However, they won't tell you what kind of personal experience an individual had. If you want that kind of information you'll have to search with consumer groups, such as the Better Business Bureau.

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