The Home of Your Dreams

The home of your dreams may not be the home of my dreams. Some of us like an older home with character. Some of us like a brand new home for which we've picked every floor covering and the colours of every wall. Some of us like something in-between, where it's new enough not to need a roof, but old enough to have been fully decorated by the previous owners.

This is what you have to decide. What kind of home do you want? Condo apartment? Townhouse? Bungalow? Two-storey century home? A little place in the country? It's up to you.

If you are buying your first home, your dream home may have to be more modest than you might have hoped. But fear not! Once you own a home and build some equity in it you might just be able to buy up. It's much easier to do once you actually own your home. If you stay out of the market and continue to try to save you may find that the price of housing goes up faster than you can save.

At some point you need to be willing to take the plunge. Only you can determine when that is. But it's very hard to time the market. Just ask stockbrokers.

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